How NemID became MitID

The need for a safe and secure online presence is paramount in today’s date. Denmark is also walking towards a highly scalable and safe online future like all other countries. Hence, it is adopting MitID, a system based on the latest technology, and replacing the previously used NemID.

Electronic ID verification has been in use for many years for all great reasons. However, it is time to upgrade the existing system and adopt an all-new superior mode of identifying customers before allowing them access to a system or application.

We all know that a two-factor authentication for digital identity is at the greatest level of data safety. Electronic identification is the most secure and safe way to identify customers. Banks, government organizations, and consumers these days are increasingly relying on e-ID verification.

Discussion about latest technology in electronic IDs

The Adoption of MitID

MitID is a futuristic form of electronic ID adopted by Denmark. Governmental organizations and other businesses have used the Danish existing e-ID system since the year 2010. It is better suited to the numerous new requirements and usage scenarios that have arisen in recent years.

However, in an attempt to stay compliant with the global digital security requirements, the existence of MitID has come into place. The system of MitID was launched in fall 2021, and it will phase in entirely by mid-2022.

Users can integrate their existing e-ID with the MitID by certified service providers for an easy and smooth transition into the new system.

Migration from NemID to MitID

The migration to MitID for all current NemID users will result in a new login experience. In addition, users need to adapt their User Interface (UI flow) to accommodate the new system of MitID. On the technical side, users may take assistance from certified providers to meet the requirements of such a system and its smooth transition into the new system of MitID.

Businesses that still have not adopted the new electronic identification system must not wait for it anymore. It is high time to embrace the new technology and make user authentication a more streamlined process.

The Final Wrap

The use of electronic ID verification has helped businesses in multiple ways. However, it is time to upgrade and ensure more safety and data security. Get in touch with us today if you want to know more about electronic identification and its usage in the current business scenario.

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