What is new in MitID?

Companies that have been relying on NemID for authentication purposes or for onboarding clients should be prepared to transfer their services to MitID. For many years, NemID, was the best identity solutions. But in the current world new challenges continue to emerge. Today, there is a need for an updated and modernized ID solution. Thus, MitID has been updated to meet future challenges.
MitID is set to be launched by mid-2021 by the Danish Agency for Digitization. Shortly afterwards by the end of 2021, NemID will be phased out. That is why it is vital to be prepared for this transition by getting to know all about MitID and how it will better serve your company.

The switch from NemID

Customers who have been using NemID to onboard customers will now be required to use a digital identity broker to access MitID. As a business owner, you will need to partner with the right broker.
Getting the right broker will allow you to fulfill more needs and cover more areas than you did with NemID. You have to start mapping your needs early before the transition takes place.
Look for a MitID broker who is able to build a customized ID solution that will meet your specific requirements to support your online business. Since MitID has new and better options, you will have more than a software that takes care of your digital security.
Other ways you can use MitID include:

  • To use other online services that would normally require NemID authentication
  • To log in to virk.dk, skat.dk, borger.dk
  • To transfer your funds and access online banking
  • How the transition from NemID to MitID will impact your business
Copenhagen, Denmark

First, all services providers who are currently using NemID will be required to change their UI flow to accommodate MitID. Switching from NemID to MitID will bring a new login experience for your users.
When you first make the switch, you will be required to support both MitID and NemID for a period not less than six months. During this period, you will need a digital identity broker who can offer a seamless identity migration path.

MitID identification tools

There are different tools MitID uses for identification. They include:

  • MitID code reader
  • MitID chip
  • MitID code viewer
  • MitID app
  • Username/ password

When it comes to authentication, MitID will allow you to not only offer secure customer authentication, but you will also know who is accessing your website. Additionally, with MitID your clients can sign agreements online.